Here is my first post which explains the origins and intentions of this blog. Wheeee!

If you’d like my professional and super serious bio, click here. This page can be found on the website for my voice coaching and cross-cultural consulting business, Vocal Context, of which I am the owner and founder. Check it out if you are interested in exploring your vocal potential, learning a new accent, or improving your presentation skills. We teach in Seoul and remotely via Skype tutorials.

I had 3 chins and couldn’t wear turtlenecks.

When my Korean mother was pregnant with me, her husband pressured and convinced her to surrender me to strangers in the USA. When I was three months old, I was put on a plane and was given to very excited and very loud White people.

After 21 years of being mistaken for Chinese, Japanese, Black, Puerto Rican, and Mexican, I went back to Korea to find my birthmother. Through the goodness of friends and resources, we were able to meet. Then as a proper theatre person should, I wrote a one woman show about it, called ‘between.’ It has been performed in NY, the Edinburgh Fringe, and in Seoul with Korean supertitles.

Photo: Lynn Chealander

Sheep are okay. Photo: Lynn Chealander

I moved to London after getting my BFA. Then Edinburgh. Then Dublin. Went back to the US to be terrible as a Company Manager for a national theatre tour and then went to Prague to get my TEFL. I managed to meet a Glaswegian there, because that totally makes sense. He impressed me so much that I decided to stick to my plan and move to Buenos Aires to teach English. My roommate was a very talented and vivacious Argentine-Jewish playwright, Matías Feldman.

I returned to the US to experience and endure the illness and death of my very exciteable, very loud adoptive mother.  Then I, along with my Scottish national treasure, moved to Seoul for two years to work, spend time with my birthfamily, and at a shit-ton of 잡채 and go to a lot of 찜질방.

Photo: Ben Cowburn

Birds are okay. Photo: Ben Cowburn

I finally accepted that theatre, voice, and academia were sticking to me like cat hair on knitwear, so I went back to London to get my MA in Voice Studies. After regularly offending loads of polite English people for a year, I’m now back in Seoul to coach, sing, research, dance, write, and eat 잡채, go to 찜질방, and continue to learn ridiculous Scottish vernacular like boufin‘, clunge, and higgledy-piggledy.

I like to think that that first three month old plane ride propelled me into the international, nomadic whirlwind that I find myself still in today. My mother called me her petite hurricane. I think she was onto something.

And one more thing. Monkeys seem to hate me for some reason. One bit me in the Philippines and another one broke into our hotel room in Gibraltar and ate all the sugar and creamers from the tea settee.

I am not writing for those goddamn asshole monkeys. I am writing for you and I am writing for me.

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