Adoptees of Color Workshop in San Francisco, June 4, 2017


We will be conducting free-of-charge research workshop in SF on Sunday, June 4th, 12-5:30 pm


This workshop may be powerful for adoptees of color, particularly as it draws on the use of body and voice in an act of empowerment.  For participants who may have experience with more traditional forms of therapy, such as psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, this workshop may help expand healing by focusing on the body.

Past participants have had this to say:

“THANK YOU! It takes strength, energy, and courage to teach this work and it’s truly life changing.”

“I really liked the set-up & and the safe atmosphere for sharing our thoughts…”

“A totally different experience for me. Thank you both so much for this amazing afternoon. The workshop was powerful and facilitated beautifully. I will remember this experience with much gratitude.”

You do not need any previous experience, training, or special ability to participate. Archetypes are found across cultures through stories, myths, and legends such as the Lover, the Trickster, the Noble Warrior, the Creator/Destroyer, the Mother, etc. Exploring these archetypes may allow adoptees of color to explore the many dimensions of their identity, and to become inspired by the discovery of new embodied and imaginative possibilities.

The workshop is an essential part of a long-term research project sponsored by UCSC and Boston College. There is no cost for the workshop. Participants, as research subjects, will be asked to review and sign an informed consent form and complete a post workshop survey. This research has been approved by our institutions and its protocol # is HS2577.


About the facilitators/researchers:

Amy is a Korean American adoptee who has lived, taught, and performed in the US, UK, Argentina, Czech Republic, Ireland, Vietnam, and South Korea. She is an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz and is the founder and owner of Vocal Context where she runs workshops primarily with people of color, women, and adoptees. Amy is a contributor to the online adoptee publication Transracial Eyes. She was recently featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, performed as part of a TEDx in Cheongju, and has been referenced in Reuters, Al Jazeera, and The Wall Street Journal.

Oh Myo Kim is an Assistant Professor of the practice at Boston College in the Counseling, Developmental, and Applied Psychology Department.  She is a transracial Korean American adoptee.  Oh Myo is a therapist who specializes in mindfulness-based behavioral therapy, and a researcher who researches cultural socialization and identity.

Please email Amy at  if you have questions. It is okay if this is a new experience for you; we are happy to address any concerns you may have!

And please share this with your adoptee communities. Thank you!